DIY Seasonal Tassels

Written by Tracy Pounds

October 12, 2023

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In my Napkin Club, we recently made a decorative accent pillow with napkin art. I absolutely love this project and thought it would be even cuter to add some seasonal tassels to my pillow. One side of my pillow is Halloween-themed and the other side is more fall-themed, so I’m going to create two different tassels that I can easily be switched out. Tassels can be used for all kinds of decorative accents from gift bags to ornaments to wearable necklaces.

How to Make a Halloween Tassel

You can use whatever yarn, twine, and ribbons that you would like for this! To make my Halloween tassel, I am using this cute tinsel pack that includes 2 yards of each color – black, orange, and purple. I’m going to cut two 14-inch pieces of each color. I’m also using a couple of pieces of black-and-white checked ribbon, orange-and-white checked ribbon, and baker’s twine. 

Start by layering your pieces on top of each other. Then, take a piece of baker’s twine and tie a double knot in the middle of your pile of ribbons and tinsel. Take another piece of baker’s twine and tie a double knot about an inch from the top to give you the head of your tassel.

I am also using wooden Halloween beads to embellish my tassel and add some little charms. I’m going to string a few beads on the baker’s twine that is hanging from the top of my tassel. Then, I’ll tie a double knot so those beads don’t move. Next, I’ll add some charm beads to some of my hanging baker’s twine – I have a ghost, cat, spider, and more that I’ll mix in with the round beads.

At this point, you can tie your tassel to the zipper pull on your pillow, or use it somewhere else in your decor.

Make a Fall-Themed Tassel 

Since the other side of my pillow is more fall-themed, I’m going to use different materials to make another tassel that I can switch out. Again, I’m going to use a collection of ribbons, torn fabric strips, and jute that is all 14-inches long. 

To tear you fabric, you can just cut a few slits in a piece of fabric and rip it. This will give you a really nice frayed edge too. 

I’ll use the same exact technique that I used for my Halloween tassel by using baker’s twine to tie my tassel and adding all of the fun fall wooden beads

I love using these seasonal tassels throughout my decor, especially on these cute napkinized throw pillows. You can add these tassels to lots of other places in your home, use to gift to family or friends, or wear on necklaces or earrings.

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