Preserve your Memories - One page at a time - and have fun while doing it!

Shine a creative light on your most cherished memories with creative scrapbooking designs as unique as the experiences they highlight! The Page Builders Club House is a monthly membership that combines creative guidance and community to help you bust your scrapbooking stash, create beautifully unique layouts and  banish “Blank Page Syndrome” for good!

Page Builders ClubHouse

Page Builders ClubHouse

Become a Member of the Page Builders ClubHouse and get these awesome benefits:

  • Access to NEW Page Builder Guides each month. Page Builder Guides make Scrapbooking easy and fun! Page Builder Guides help you to use your stash of supplies and products! Page Builder Guides eliminate ” Blank Page Syndrome”….. Yes, it is a thing!
  • Exclusive Membership in our private Facebook Group….our ClubHouse! Where all the fun happens! Miss Tracy goes LIVE in the group every Monday Night at 6pm Central.
  • Access to over 100 Page Builder Guides, Paper Crafting Techniques, Special Series, Organization Tips, Get Scrappy Facebook Lives with Miss Tracy , and so, so, so much more!
  • Enjoy the interaction of a Happy, Scrappy Family… A special community of Scrappers who are always there to uplift and encourage you to stay true to your passion — Keep Scrapbooking and Preserve your Story!!
  • ALL for ONLY $20 a month – Processed on the 3rd of each

    Introducing a NEW Mini Series!
    “Time to Celebrate” Scrapbooking Series

    In this series, Miss Tracy will be sharing unique layouts and papercrafting techniques that are perfect for all those Birthdays and Special Occasions! She will provide you with some fun Design Printables and create a Page Builder Guide for each layout. She will make it so easy for you to create these from your own stash of supplies! It’s a great time to get inspiration for the moments and memories that you want to CELEBRATE…. and even more fun to do it together! You will love her techniques and how the guides and this community can bring back the JOY of ScrapBooking to YOU!

    Page Builders Clubhouse with Miss Tracy

    She will share her tips, tricks, and insights, offering valuable advice on color coordination, design elements, embellishments, and more. She will also prepare a Page Builders Guide for you of each Layout so that you can easily recreate it from your own Stash of Papers and Embellishments. In the Page Builders ClubHouse you will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow scrapbookers, exchanging ideas, experiences, and making friends in our happy, scrappy community.

    So, if you’re ready to embark on a creative journey like no other, join us in The Page Builders ClubHouse. Unleash your imagination, embrace new themes, and let your scrapbooking passion flourish in the warm and supportive atmosphere of the Page Builders Clubhouse.

    Let’s preserve our memories, one page at a time and have fun while doing it! ~Miss Tracy

$20.00 on the 3rd of each month

Evelyn Salcher Ludford

I joined the PBCH group with the 2023 Fall Series. I look forward to our weekly sessions and I check the FB club page daily for posts. What I love most about PBCH - Weekly live sessions with Miss Tracy to view hands on applications, joining with other club members via “comments” during the lives, and feeling part of a creative community who loves keeping family, friends and special moments and memories alive through scrapbooking.

Debi Foreman

I’m a member of all 4 clubs and love them all. I would say one of the most important changes I’ve seen in my crafting from being in Miss Tracy’s groups is that I don’t get hung up on everything being perfect! I was such a perfectionist before and now, although I want my creations to look nice, it’s ok that they are “absolutely perfect” It has given me such freedom & I enjoy crafting more than ever.

Barbara King

Love being able to watch Miss Tracy recreate a layout, I’ve learned several new techniques and it causes me to try new layouts. Love her creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anything be shipped to me?

There are no physical shipments. You will receive Page Builder Guides, Printables, and Templates as PDFs and JPGs. You can download, save or print them.

How do I update my payment information?

You can make updates to your payment information anytime. 

  1. Go to misstracycreates.com
  2. at the top of the page, click Member Login,
  3. after you login, choose Payment Method
  4. Here you will need to put your new card info in BEFORE you can delete the old card.
  5. Once you have added the new card check mark the little box that will transfer this payment information to your current subscriptions.
  6. After it has updated with the new card info, you should delete your old card, then you should be set!

If you need further assistance, please email cheryl@misstracycreates.com

Can I get a refund on my subscription?

Given the nature of our Club, we are unable to refund a monthly subscription that has already been billed. If you are having an issue, please reach out to our Customer Support at info@misstracycreates.com

How can I update my address?

It is best if you will send an email with your name, previous address, new address and any other information that might change (like a phone number or email address) to cheryl@misstracycreates.com. This information gets changed in several areas that would be missed if you change the information yourself.

How long will I have access to the private groups?

You will have access to the private Facebook group and Club Hub for each membership you’re a part of as long as you stay an active member! Upon cancellation, you will have access through the paid month. For example, if your payment was received on May 3, you cancel on May 15, you will have access through May 31.

What if I can’t make it to a live workshop?

No worries! We know that life gets busy sometimes. While we encourage all of our members to join live and participate in our crafty community, you can always watch the replay of any live workshops you’ve missed in the private Facebook group and the appropriate Club Hub!

What if I decide I no longer want to receive my subscription?

We hope that everyone finds creative value from any of our membership programs, but understand if things change or you need to take a break. 

You can manage your subscription from your Member Login at any time. We have no contracts or cancellation fees. We ask that you cancel by the 1st of the month so we can process it prior to the renewal. Subscription renewals that have already been processed will be canceled the following month.

If you still need help, reach out to customer service at info@misstracycreates.com