Unleash Your Creativity with My Four Unique Memberships

Written by Tracy Pounds

August 16, 2023

Did you know that I offer four unique creative memberships? They are all a little different, and each is designed to ignite your imagination, inspire your craft, and connect you with fellow art enthusiasts. If you’re a creative looking for an online space to learn and thrive, we have something for everyone! The best part? If you are thinking of joining, doors are opening on August 28th. Learn about each of my memberships below and join the waitlist so you are the first to know when the doors open!

four memberships that are available at Miss Tracy Creates

The Napkin Club: Unfold Your Imagination

Are you ready to transform ordinary napkins into extraordinary art pieces? Welcome to The Napkin Club, where we celebrate the beauty of napkin artistry. As a member, you’ll enjoy a unique assortment of 15-18 hand-selected napkins every month. That’s a whopping 60-72 artistic possibilities waiting to be explored! Plus, enjoy free shipping, exciting reveal days, exclusive workshops, and access to a supportive DIY community on Facebook. Get ready to transform ordinary napkins into extraordinary art pieces for just $24 a month.

The Fabric Fan Club: Sew Your Dreams

Calling all fabric enthusiasts and creative minds, The Fabric Fan Club is your space. Join us to receive a monthly hand-selected specialty bundle of 6 designer fat quarters. With free shipping, a private Facebook group, engaging workshops, and access to the Club Hub, you’ll create stunning fabric projects that showcase your unique style. Connect with fellow fabric lovers, ignite your creativity, and bring your fabric dreams to life for just $32 a month.

Page Builders Clubhouse: Craft Your Memories

Preserve your cherished memories with The Page Builders Clubhouse. Dive into a world of creative scrapbooking with new Page Builder Guides each month. Experience the private Facebook group, over 100 Page Builder Guides, and live sessions with Miss Tracy. Say goodbye to “Blank Page Syndrome” and connect with a supportive scrapbooking community for just $20 a month.

The Faith Journaling Experience: Nourish Your Soul

Transform your Bible time with The Faith Journaling Experience. Explore the Bible surrounded by a community of soul-sisters while learning creative journaling techniques. With devotionals, live sessions, special technique nights, and access to the Club Hub, you’ll deepen your faith and creativity in a supportive environment. Join for only $27 a month and connect with other artists on your spiritual journey. 

Our four unique memberships are crafted with care and creativity to suit every artist. Whether you’re drawn to napkin art, fabric fun, scrapbooking memories, or faith journaling, there’s a place for you in our vibrant artistic community. Join us this month when doors open!

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  1. Connie Adkins

    On the Page Builders Club what is it that you receive each month.

    • Tracy Pounds

      Become a Member of the Page Builders Club House and get these awesome benefits:

      Access to NEW Page Builder Guides each month. Page Builder Guides make Scrapbooking easy and fun! Page Builder Guides help you to use your stash of supplies and products! Page Builder Guides eliminate ” Blank Page Syndrome”….. Yes, it is a thing!
      Exclusive Membership in our private Facebook Group….our Club House! Where all the fun happens! Miss Tracy goes LIVE in the group every Monday Night at 7pm Central.
      Access to over 100 Page Builder Guides, Paper Crafting Techniques, Special Series, Organization Tips, Get Scrappy Facebook Lives with Miss Tracy, and so, so, so much more!
      Enjoy the interaction of a Happy, Scrappy Family… A special community of Scrappers who are always there to uplift and encourage you to stay true to your passion — Keep Scrapbooking and Preserve your Story!!
      ALL for ONLY $20 a month – Processed on the 3rd of each month. This is a digital subscription. Nothing is mailed. Please visit the website for more information: https://misstracycreates.com/product/page-builders-clubhouse/

  2. Pam Jordan

    For the nation kin club what exactly does you receive each month? Ex. All materiaos, tutorials. Project list, supply list.
    What does the $24 cover is what I’m asking I guess. Thanks, Enjoy your day!!
    Pam Jordan

    • Tracy Pounds

      Please visit our website for more information! http://www.misstracycreates.com

      Miss Tracy creates the projects LIVE in the private Facebook Group. She asks that you watch, learn, then create the project. She doesn’t expect you to do EVERY project she creates. She does not typically provide a supply list prior to her creating the project since she creates it LIVE. Once you join, we invite you into the private Facebook group where prior workshops are saved and we also invite you to our online classroom called the Club Hub. This is where all the past workshops, templates etc. are saved. Each month, you receive 14-18 beautiful hand-picked napkins then Miss Tracy is LIVE in the group teaching a workshop at least once a week! It is so much fun! She teaches best practices for applying napkins to all different surfaces to make beautiful art! I hope you will consider joining! We are currently on a waitlist and fill open positions from the waitlist. We invite you to join today. Thank you for your interest! Cheryl McCarson, Operations Manager


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