Summertime Fun with the Patriotic Summer Canvas Set

Written by Tracy Pounds

May 30, 2024

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If you’ve been following along with our Welcome Home Canvas Kits program, y’all are in for a treat! I’m sharing how to create two adorable summer canvases using the brand-new summer kits! We are crafting a vibrant summer scene and a patriotic masterpiece – all using beautiful decorative napkins. This easy technique is perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, and is a great way to decorate seasonally!

The kit includes almost everything you need to create these DIY canvases – two 6×6 canvases, 4 decorative napkins, an embellishment bag with little stars, lemons, jewels, and some fun fibers like torn fabric and colorful twines.

Adding Napkin Art to Your Canvases 

First, take your summer-themed napkin. Since the napkin is slightly too large for our canvas, we’ll need to do some cutting to rearrange the design. Cut out the word “summer,” the word “sweet,” and the cherries. Separate the plys of your napkin until you just have the top layer of napkin art. 

Add a coat of Mod Podge Matte to your canvas and then lay the napkin art of the word “summer” onto your canvas, smoothing it down with Plastic Wrap. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, apply the napkin art with the word “sweet” overlapping the top of the word “summer” using the same technique. Then, add the cherries on top of the letter M. Dry with a heat tool and add a top coat of Mod Podge Matte.

Next, let’s embellish our patriotic canvas with napkin art! In your kit, you’ll find a wood grain napkin. Trim this napkin to a size that can wrap around to the back of your canvas. Remove the extra layers until only the top layer of the napkin art remains. Apply a coat of Mod Podge Matte to the front and sides of your canvas, place the napkin art onto the canvas, and smooth it down using plastic wrap. Pinch the napkin at the corners, trim any excess, and dry it with a heat tool.

Take your flag napkin, cut out one flag, and separate the plys until you just have the top layer. Place your flag at an angle on your canvas and use a Frixion Pen to mark where this napkin will be. Paint a coat of Simplicity Paint in this area so that you can create a white background for your flag napkin. Dry with a heat tool, add a coat of Mod Podge Matte, place your flag napkin on top, and smooth it down. Dry again.

Next, take the star napkin with the “Let Freedom Ring” design. Cut out the star and separate the layers until you have only the top layer. Trace the star onto the canvas using your Frixion pen, then paint over it with a coat of Simplicity paint. Once dry, apply the napkin using the same technique as before.

Finish by adding a final coat of Mod Podge Matte over the entire canvas to seal your artwork.

Adding Details and Embellishments to Your DIY Canvas Art

On my summer canvas, I am going to use Pitt Pens to outline the word “sweet” I’ll also add detail lines to the word “summer” and the cherries and lemon. I’ll also color in the watermelon seeds. I’m also going to take my Glaze Pens – Bright Set to make the pink letters of the word “sweet” a lot brighter by filling those in with the pink pen. I’ll also use the clear pen to add some glaze to the watermelon seeds and lemon. I’ll also fill in the leaves of my cherries with a green pen.

Now, let’s add some charming embellishments! In your kit, you’ll find two red jewels. Apply a dot of Mod Podge to each cherry and adhere the jewels on top. Hot glue the lemon slice to your watermelon for a cute touch.

For my patriotic canvas, I’ll outline the stars and stripes of the flag and use a white Posca Pen to detail the stars, outline the large star, and add more color to the letters. In your kit, you’ll also have several wooden stars. Lightly sand the edges with a small piece of sandpaper to create a distressed look, then hot glue them to your canvas.

Adding Ribbons and Bows to Your DIY Canvas Art

Take the twine from your kit and cut an 11-inch piece to create the hanger. Hot glue each end to the back of your canvas.

Next, let’s make the ribbon for our patriotic canvas. In your kit, you’ll find a red gingham ribbon and a blue plaid ribbon. Layer these on top of each other, cross them to form a “tribute” ribbon shape, scrunch the loop, and tie a piece of twine around the center. Hot glue your bow to the top left of your canvas and cut flag tails on the ends of the ribbon. Finally, hot glue one of your wooden stars in the center of your bow. 

At this point, you can add Diamond Stickles to your canvas. I’ll add sparkle to each of my stars and all of the red stripes. I’ll also sparkle all of the letters. 

For your summer canvas, create a similar hanger and bow using the twine and blue and yellow ribbon from your kit. Hot glue the lemon from your kit onto the bow’s center. Attach the bow to the corner of your canvas with hot glue. Finally, I’ll add Stickles to each letter in the word “summer” for a touch of sparkle.

With a little napkin magic and some creative cutting, you’ve transformed your blank canvases into a charming summer scene and a stunning patriotic masterpiece too! Hang your summer art proudly and enjoy the sunshine it brings to your space.

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