Shiplap Birdhouse Sign

Written by Tracy Pounds

March 25, 2024

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Get ready to embark on a delightful springtime project that’s sure to bring a touch of warmth and charm to your home decor. Today, we’ll be crafting a beautiful shiplap birdhouse sign with lots of gorgeous napkin art. We’ll also incorporate a crackle medium to give it that rustic, weathered look that I love. Get ready to craft something truly special that will brighten up any space!

Using a Crackle Technique on our Birdhouse

Start by painting your birdhouse with Country Chic Paint in Bliss. You can use any color you would like – this is the color that will be showing through your crackle. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, take Country Chic Paint Crackle Medium and stir it up with a stir stick so that it is ready and mixed up. Dip a paintbrush in and paint over your birdhouse with the medium. Let this dry or dry with a heat tool.

While your crackle medium is drying, paint your wooden thread spool with white chalk paint (this will be your birdhouse’s perch!). 

When your crackle medium is dry, you will paint over top of it with Country Chic Paint in Simplicity. You will need to paint this on going in one direction only – not brushing back and forth. Paint the side of your sign with white paint too. Dry with a heat tool.

Adding Napkin Art to Your Shiplap Birdhouse

I have tons of floral napkins, mostly with purple flowers. I’m going to take a napkin with a floral pattern, place it over the roof, and crease it so that I can cut a strip to add to my roof. I’ll also cut a strip for the bottom of my birdhouse. Once I have my strips, I will separate the plys until I just have the top layer of napkin art. 

I’ll add a coat of Mod Podge Matte to my roof and bottom, lay the napkin strips on top, and use plastic wrap to smooth it down with my hands.

I’m going to use a chalk-based ink pad in the color Huckleberry and run that along my birdhouse edge, smearing it a bit with my fingers. You could also come in and add it with a paintbrush. 

Next, I’ll continue to cut out different napkin flowers, separate the plys, add Mod Podge Matte, and smooth it down with plastic wrap. 

Creating Dimensional Napkin Art

Another technique that I love to use in my projects is adding dimensional napkin art using cardstock paper. If you enjoy paper crafting, you will love this! 

Take a piece of White Cardstock 65lb and add a coat of Mod Podge Matte to the entire paper. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Lay whatever napkin art you would like to create embellishment for on top of your paper and add a piece of parchment paper on top. Take an iron without water and on the hottest setting and iron your paper. Now you have beautiful decorative paper to play with!

Add a coat of Mod Podge Matte on top to seal your napkin art. Dry with a heat tool. Cut out whatever art you would like to add to your birdhouse. Use foam tape or pop dots to secure your decorative paper to your birdhouse. This will create a fun, dimensional layer to your project! 

Finishing Your Shiplap Birdhouse

Finally, I’ll take the white wooden spool we painted earlier and wrap jute twine around it. I’ll hot glue the spool to my birdhouse to create the perch and then hot glue a button to it. I also have a jute twine bow that I will hot glue to the top of my birdhouse. 
At this point, you can use Pitt Pens to add details and pen work to your napkin art to make it pop!

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  1. Julie Huggins

    Where can I purchase the bird house kits or the house pod pieces.

  2. Patricia Cashon

    I am learning so much. You are a terrific teacher. Your classes are such a blessing


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