Napkin Art Challenge Workshop – Cutting Board


So excited to share with you in this awesome Napkin Art Challenge Workshop! Come get a little taste of what I love to teach in The Napkin Club... all while learning a variety of inspiring techniques that I will be using as I create this beautiful Cutting Board project! I will be teaching this Workshop LIVE in a private Facebook Group which you will have lifetime access to. Stay true to your Passion - - Keep Creating!  ~Miss Tracy

(33 customer reviews)

33 reviews for Napkin Art Challenge Workshop - Cutting Board

  1. Virginia Authement

    Looking forward to this technique.

  2. Andy Caropreso

    Excited to learn

  3. Dianne Boyd

    I am so excited to learn techniques so that I may create keepsakes of my own as well as giving these as gifts!!!

  4. Lea Anne Johnson

    I’m excited to learn

  5. Bonnie Dalke

    I have been in the napkin club since the very beginning.Miss Tracy is an awesome teacher. I’m excited to make this project.

  6. Karen


  7. Arlyce Musal

    Love it!

  8. Carolyn

    Looking forward to this class

  9. Pam Jones

    I have been this this group since 2020. I love it!
    Thank you Miss Tracy!

  10. Peggy

    Can’t wait to make this project!

  11. Sherrie

    I am so excited! I love learning from you and this is a super cute project! Can’t wait!

  12. Sharon

    If I can join the napkin club from Australia and have fun and learn new techniques…so can you! Come join the group!

  13. Cindy Capek

    Looking forward to the class.

  14. Vicky Davis

    Can’t wait to see this????????????

  15. Sandy Chitwood

    Excited to start this one.

  16. Wanda Nierzwicki

    So excited to watch

  17. Juhree Robberson

    Looking forward to the class❤️❤️

  18. Karen Atteberry

    So cute

  19. Karen Atteberry

    This is an adorable project!

  20. Camille Prebish

    I love sunflowers

  21. Camille Prebish

    i love this project!

  22. Camille Prebish

    looking forward to making this!

  23. Camille Prebish

    lookin!g forward to learning this project

  24. Camille Prebish

    Can’t wait to make this!

  25. Camille Prebish

    I love it!

  26. Camille Prebish

    Cant wait!

  27. Carol Campbell

    Miss Tracy is an awesome teacher I just love the workshop’s and being in the napkin group I have learned so many things and it is a fun group.

  28. Sandy Chitwood

    Looking forward to this one.

  29. Carol Campbell

    I’m in the napkin group and I love Miss Tracy workshops.They are fun and she is an awesome teacher.

  30. Vanessa Epps

    Love the projects

  31. Kay Landrum

    Can’t wait! I’ve never used a napkin technique!!!!

  32. Cathy compton

    Love it

  33. Pamela

    Looking forward to learning

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