Napkin Art Notebook

Written by Tracy Pounds

December 21, 2023

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I am showing you how to craft with mini composition notebooks, adding all of the napkin art and embellishments to the cover. These are my favorite little notebooks – there are ones that are horizontal and vertical. These notebooks also make excellent “little something” gifts, last-minute stocking stuffers, to-do list notebooks, planners, and more. Plus, they are so simple and easy to customize!

Applying Napkin Art to Your Notebook

Place a piece of parchment paper underneath the cover while you are crafting to protect the pages of your notebook. I am also going to tape off the spine of my notebook to protect it from my coat of paint. I am going to use chalk-based white paint and apply a coat to my notebook cover. This way, your cover won’t show through your napkins or paper. Dry with a heat tool, do a second coat, and then dry again.

I have a napkin with a teacup and a book that I am going to use for my notebook. It has words on it that say “enjoy the small moments”. I’m going to cut the image out and separate the plys until I just have that top layer of napkin art. Apply a coat of Mod Podge Matte, lay your napkin on top, and then place plastic wrap on top. Smooth your napkin down with your hands. Dry with a heat tool.

I’m also going to use the phrase on the napkin. I’ll cut that out and put the first part of the phrase towards the top of my notebook and the second part towards the bottom. Separate the plys and apply this napkin art using the same technique. Add a top coat of Mod Podge Matte to seal and protect your napkin art. Let dry. Remove your tape and you should have a nice edge.

Embellish Your Mini Notebooks

At this point, you can embellish these notebooks with whatever you would like and whatever is in your stash! I will be adding a lace ribbon to my cover with hot glue. I’m going to wrap my ribbon around the entire cover so that I have two ends that I can tie in a knot on the top. 

You can also take a Pitt Pen and outline some areas of your napkin art to make it really stand out, or add some sparkle with Stickles.

You can use these to gift to friends, neighbors, family members, or teachers – the perfect “little something” to have on hand for someone you love. You can also use these in the coming weeks and months as planning notebooks for 2024, stocking stuffers, and more. 

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