How to Make Scissor Cozies

Written by Tracy Pounds

July 28, 2023

Supply List:

  • Square or Round Pot Holders
  • Hot Glue
  • Embellishments – Wool Felt Flowers, Leaves, Buttons, Baker’s Twine

I’m bringing you the easiest and most FUNctional craft I’ve ever done – scissor cozies! This is something you can create for yourself, friends, family members, or fellow crafters. All you need to create these cozies are some pot holders, hot glue, and any embellishments you would like to add. These are fast, cute, easy, and functional!

scissor cozies

Creating the Scissor Cozy

For this craft, you can use either round or square pot holders. You can find these at any craft store or dollar store for relatively cheap, or you may already have some in your home. 

Make sure the fabric that you would like on the outside is face down touching the table. We are going to start by creating a cozy from a square potholder. Fold your potholder a little bit offset from the point. 

Apply a line of hot glue down the seam to about an inch above the end. Then, fold your other half over. Apply a line of hot glue under that seam as well. Hold this in place so that it sticks really well, or use a clothespin. Then, you can slide your scissors right into your new scissor cozy!

Next, we’re going to create one from a circle potholder. You are going to fold one half over a little offset from the center again. You’ll apply that hot glue right along the bottom half of the seam.

Then, fold your other half over, apply more hot glue down that seam, and you can slide your scissors in! The circle potholder works really well for smaller craft scissors.

Adding Embellishments to your Scissor Cozies

Let’s embellish our scissor cozies! I have some wool-felt flowers that I have cut out that I am going to layer up and hot glue to the center of my cozy. I have a white button that I will hot glue on top. Then, I’ll add some baker’s twine that I will tie in a bow and hot glue a black button on top. I have some green felt leaves that I’ll add behind my flowers too.

You can also add embellishments to the top of your cozy where your handle hangs. I used the same embellishments, but switched up some of my colors on my other scissor cozy.

I love how cute, fun, and easy this craft is! Remember, these are not just for scissors. You can use these to gift treats, store your eyeglasses, store your paintbrushes or stencils, give candy canes at Christmas time – the list goes on! Get creative, add your own unique embellishments, and have fun crafting!

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