DIY Heart Pockets

Written by Tracy Pounds

January 31, 2024

Supply List:

  • Double-sided paper
  • Optional embellishments – ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this is my favorite quick and easy craft for little treats, chocolates, gift cards, love notes, and more! These treat holders come together super fast and just require pretty double-sided paper – no glue, tape, Mod Podge, or anything! This is a simple folding technique that you can use whenever you need to assemble some little gifts. 

How to Create Heart Paper Pockets

The size of your heart pocket depends on the size of your paper, but the most important thing is that it needs to be a rectangle. I am using a 6×9 piece of paper, but you can make them smaller or larger than this. 

The first step is to fold it in half lengthwise – we call this a “hotdog” fold. Then cut one end into a curve like one side of a heart. Open the paper up and the top should look like a heart.

Fold the bottom of your paper up to right below the valley of the heart. Take the bottom corners and fold them up to the center crease. 

Put your hands inside the pocket and fold the “brim” down. When you turn it around, you will see some corners sticking out, so I just hot glue those down. 

And that’s it! You could just leave it like that and fill it with goodies or you can decorate them however you would like. You could use heart pouches to add some paper hearts, stickers, ribbons, buttons, and more. 

These are so fun to make, and are my favorite kind of craft – quick, easy, and cute! These heart pockets are so perfect for baby shower or bridal shower favors, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or just an act of kindness. All you really need is paper – and it’s a great way to use up any scrap paper you have too!

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