DIY Halloween Decor

Written by Tracy Pounds

August 30, 2023

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With spooky season right around the corner, it’s time to create some festive Halloween decor! We will be using my new Boo to You Napkin Bundle to create some small, adorable decor pieces that you can display in your home this fall. I’m super excited about this bundle and I think y’all will love creating these “smalls” to add to a tray, vignette, or shelf in your home.

Tracy holding Halloween decor that she created

Creating Wooden Block Jack O’Lanterns

I am working with a 4×6 Wood Block and 3×4 Wood Block to make fun “napkinized” jack o’lantern pumpkins. I am going to apply an orange gingham napkin to each of my wood blocks. You could measure your wood block and cut it out, or just wrap your napkin around and make marks. Separate the plys of your napkin until you just have the top layer of napkin art.

Next, apply a layer of Mod Podge Matte to your wooden block, lay your napkin on top, and wrap it around the sides of your block. Lay a plastic sheet on top of that, and smooth your napkin down with your hands. Dry it with a heat tool. If you have excess napkin hanging off, use a piece of sandpaper to sand it off. 

Use the same exact technique to add the napkin art to the top and bottom of your wooden block as well. Finish your piece off by sealing it with another layer of Mod Podge Matte. 

Repeat this process again for your smaller 3×4 wooden block so that you have two completely napkinized blocks.

wooden block with white and orange gingham napkin on top

Embellishing Your DIY Jack O’Lanterns

Next, grab your Pumpkin Faces PDF to create some fun characters for your pumpkins! Cut out your face pieces, lay them on a piece of black wool felt, and use a white chalk pencil to trace your shapes. 

Your pumpkin also needs a stem! Take a piece of brown wool felt and cut a strip. Add a line of hot glue on the end, roll it all the way up, and hot glue it again to secure your little stem. Hot glue your stems to the tops of your wooden blocks and hot glue your face on the front too.

I also want some leaves, so I’ll just cut some leaf shapes out of a piece of green wool felt. At the bottom of my leaf, I will add a dab of hot glue and pinch it to give it some shape. Then, I’ll hot glue the leaves next to the stems. Finally, I’ll take some black-and-white baker’s twine, tie a bow, and hot glue that under my stem along with a little button.

jack o' lantern faces on the gingham wood blocks

The great thing about these little shelf-sitters is that you can flip them around when Halloween is over and you have some cute pumpkin decor. I love projects like this that you can display and have in your home for much longer than just one holiday.

Make a Halloween Canvas

For this next project, I am using a 6×6 chunky canvas and two of the napkins from the Boo to You Napkin Bundle. I have a polka dot napkin that I will be using for the sides of my canvas. Cut strips from your napkin and then separate the plys until you have the top layer of napkin art. Apply a layer of Mod Podge Matte to your canvas sides and wrap your napkin around the canvas. Use a plastic sheet and your hands to smooth it down. Dry with a heat tool and then sand off any excess napkin. 

Next, I will apply my “spooky scene” napkin art to the front of my canvas. Separate your plys until you just have the top layer. I will use the same method of adding Mod Podge Matte, laying the napkin on top, and smoothing it down with plastic wrap. Dry with a heat tool and then sand off any excess napkin. I am also going to grab a black chalk ink pad and darken the edges of my canvas.

Take your Stickles and add some sparkle to your pumpkin’s eyes. I’ll also add some to the moon in my scene. Seal your project with a layer of Mod Podge Matte.

If you love these projects, grab your Boo to You Napkin Bundle! There are so many adorable, quick, and easy Halloween and fall projects you can make with these napkins. 

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