DIY Fall Canvas Set

Written by Tracy Pounds

September 12, 2023

Supply List:

Have you been participating in our Welcome Home Canvas kits program? You’ll get a gorgeous shiplap house that you can hang and switch out different canvas decor. We release kits every season, and the fall kits just dropped! I’ll be showing you how to create this adorable canvas decor using the new fall canvas sets. 

Our kit includes everything you need to complete this project – two 6×6 Canvases, Fall Festive Jars Napkin, Pumpkin Patch Napkin, Decorative Ribbons and Twines, Wood Heart, Acorns, and Fall Leaves. Grab yours before they’re gone!

Adding Napkin Art to Your Canvases

Separate the plys of your napkin until you have that top layer of napkin art. Both napkins are 2-ply. Add a coat of Mod Podge Matte to your canvases, add your napkins on top, place some plastic wrap over top, and smooth the napkin onto the canvas with your hands. If you have any overlapping napkin, let it wrap around your canvas. Dry with a heat tool, add another coat of Mod Podge Matte to seal it, and let it dry again. 

Adding Embellishments to Your Canvases

In your kit, you will receive 18 inches of jute, 18 inches of baker’s twine, 2 yards of black twill, and 2 yards of khaki-colored twill. Take your twill, and cut off an 11-inch piece of each.

Take your pumpkin canvas, apply hot glue around the edge of your canvas, and wrap your tan twill around your entire canvas. You’ll add the black twill to your jar canvas using the same technique. 

Next, we will make some big pretty bows! Lay out your baker’s twine and grab your tan twill. Bunch up your tan twill using three loops, then wrap and tie the baker’s twine around the middle of the twill until you have your bow. You’ll do the same thing with your jute and black twill.

Next, take your 11-inch piece of ribbon and make your canvas hanger. You can either staple it to the back of each corner or hot glue it. 

I’m going to take two leaves from the kit and hot glue them to the top of the canvas along with the bow I just made. I’ll also hot glue a little acorn right in the middle of my bow. I’ll do the same exact thing on my other canvas, except I’ll add my embellishments to the bottom of the canvas. You can add them wherever you would like! 

Drawing on the Detail Lines

We are using glaze pens today, which are super glossy, vibrant, and smooth. Please note: These take at least 10 minutes to dry, so be super careful when applying them, and do not touch them too soon! I have a pack of different colored glaze pens, so I’ll be adding some detail lines in black and using an orange one for one of my pumpkins. For my jar napkins, I’ll outline my jars, some of my flowers and leaves, and the pattern on one of the jars.

Next, I’m going to add the wooden heart to my middle jar. I have an ink pad in the color Desert Sun and I will ink over the edges and front of my heart and then I’ll ink the edges with some brown too. I’ll also add some detail lines around the outer edge of my heart and hot glue it to my canvas. 

Enjoy making these beautiful fall canvases to use to decorate your home. These are both wonderful for the fall season, Thanksgiving, and beyond. 

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