Bible Journaling for Beginners

Written by Tracy Pounds

June 3, 2023

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Bible journaling is one of my favorite things to do with my napkin art. Not only is it a creative outlet, but it’s an amazing way to connect with the Word in a whole new way. I’m using my specialty faith napkin bundle, Risen, to do some bible journaling. I’ll be showing you how I apply napkins on my bible pages and add color and details.

Applying a Floral Napkin to My Bible

With Bible Journaling, you can really do whatever you feel called to create, but I will be showing you what I am journaling today. I have a verse outlined in a box on my page and will be using that for inspiration – Luke 12:27.

I have a beautiful floral napkin that I will be applying to my page. I am going to cut around the artwork and separate the plys until I only have that top layer of napkin art. Before applying the art, I am going to add some light blue watercolor paint to my background. Dry with a heat tool.

Apply a coat of clear gesso to your paper. I am using a brush to spread and smooth it out. Gently lay your napkin art on top, then add a plastic sheet, and smooth your napkin art down with your hands. Peel your plastic wrap back and dry it with a heat tool. Apply a second coat of clear gesso and let dry.

I’ll also apply some clear gesso to my Bible verse and add some light blue watercolor on top to make it stand out. 

At this point, you could add some penwork detailing to your napkin art or simply journal in the white space you have on the page. 

bible with purple flowers in it

Apply Butterfly Napkin Art to My Bible

For this next journaling page, I am focusing on Romans 12:2, which speaks about transformation. I thought my gold foil butterfly napkin art would be perfect for this page. This particular napkin has four butterflies attached, so I will cut the one with foil to use in my bible.

Separate your plys until you just have the top layer of napkin art. I am going to place my butterfly at an angle on my page. Apply a coat of clear gesso with a paintbrush. Apply your butterfly art, add a piece of plastic wrap on top, and smooth it out with your hands. Remove your plastic wrap and dry with a heat tool.

I have some of the butterfly hanging off the page, so I’ll just trim that with my scissors. Then, I’m going to add some watercolor paint to my background – I’m mixing some pink and orange. I’m going to leave a little blank area for journaling and add some yellow watercolor around it. I’ll also highlight my bible verse with some yellow watercolor paint. Dry with a heat tool.

Next, I’ll add some clear gesso over the top of the butterfly. Dry with a heat tool. Then, I’ll take my Pitt Pen and have a little fun adding some detail lines. I’m going to come in and do a little tracing and outlining. I’ll also draw on some antennas.

bible with butterfly on page

Join the Faith Journaling Experience

If you enjoyed this bible journaling tutorial, come join The Faith Journaling Experience! This is a membership group where you will explore the bible surrounded by soul-sisters while learning new creative journaling techniques. 
Beginning June 5th, we will be embarking on a Creative Escape, traveling to places within the Bible, meeting the people in those places, and experiencing the Scripture in an inspiring, creative way! I will be your tour guide on this Creative Escape, and I have some great techniques to share with you during our travels! Sign up by June 3rd to join us for this amazing Summer Creative Escape, which is taking place through the months of June, July, and August.

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  1. Susan Addington

    I am a member of the Faith journaling experience but can’t seem to find u when you go live have missed classes already. I do believe the classes start on Monday but what time I do not know, please help.

    • Tracy Pounds

      Susan, I’m sorry to hear this. I have double checked and you are in the private Facebook group. Here is the link incase you’re not seeing it listed in your groups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/638986606534330
      Miss Tracy is LIVE on Monday nights at 7 p.m. central. Please email me if you need further assistance. I’m happy to help! cheryl@misstracycreates.com


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